They're not mutually exclusive at Kargo.

We love brilliant ideas and are obsessed with bringing them to life in all the right places before all the right eyes. That’s why we create immersive ad experiences and deliver them via mobile-first tech across our Editorial Marketplace—a curated collection of 300+ sites where world-class content provides the context for awe and action.

Ads Infinitum

1 tag. 100 creatives. 300+ sites. Our ad tag makes it insanely simple to let ideas, rather than limits, shape your campaign. It delivers amazing rich media and video ads everywhere you want to be across our universe of premium inventory via direct or programmatic buys.

Easy to Design

Kargo Ad Builder is the first mobile ad creative tool that connects seamlessly with the programmatic buying workflow, making it easier than ever to build, buy and deploy in a few simple steps. Our award-winning design team uses it and we’re happy to show your team how to use it, too. Explore some of our breakthrough creative here.

Targeted for Success

The SHOPS recommendation engine is fueled by over 5 years of continuously optimized behavioral data that finds your audience and put your story in their hands. Our Data Warehouse leverages these first-party insights along with third-party integrations to assure you hit a bullseye with every campaign.

Easy to Deploy

SHOPS provides the access and tools for launching a strategic, creative campaign across the world’s best publishers. Our data-driven shopping window automates the mobile brand buying experience from strategy and planning to efficient purchase and activation.