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Advertisers are pushing to keep their brands away from ‘fake’ news

Advertisers are pushing to keep their brands away from ‘fake’ news
By Julia Boorstin  |  December 13, 2016

Arguably, the world has been more intensely captivated by this last election cycle than with any other, and for good reason.  America sits in one of the most divisive circumstances of its time, and the challenges and decisions that are being made and will be made over the next months are likely to impact generations across the world.  Regardless of your point of view on the outcome earlier this month, one key revelation has changed the way we think and feel about the content that is delivered to us via our social feeds and that as consumers and newsreaders we choose to consume from our favorite magazines, channels, websites, and apps.

Multiple reports from various credible news sources and think tanks have identified the emergence of “fake news” across our social feeds, specifically related to the presidential campaign and its two candidates.  This proliferation of inaccurate storytelling may not only have adversely impacted the public opinion about one or both of the candidates, but also swayed the election to its ultimate conclusion.  It is clear that we exist in a world where content authors can be just about anyone, and in that reality, new constructs have emerged where sensational information can hold more weight than ever before.  Things like emboldened headlines and fantastical storytelling have been able to thread themselves through our news distribution cycle faster than the real stories, and at Kargo this presents a real threat to the marketplace that we’ve worked for the last 15 years to curate with precision.  Each of our publishing partners have been hand selected for their credibility, authenticity and commitment to their audiences.

Tapping into 70 of the worlds’ top media companies, the alliance at Kargo represents over 300 sites and apps where the editorial voice is paramount.  The one bright side in our chaotic times, and particularly for our advertising partners, is that Kargo will continue to help them avoid the plague of fake news in their overall investment strategies.  Kargo vows to protect our publishing partners and the integrity of their unique voices in the marketplace in the face of adversity (or fake news in this case).   We hope you join us in our commitment to quality, attention, brand safety and the truth.