Content is
Still King

And Kargo helps it rule on mobile

Our invitation-only Editorial Alliance is built exclusively for the world’s best publishers (apologies to the long-tail crowd). By maintaining a highly-curated environment, Kargo attracts the right demand at the right value for great content sites. Our team delivers white-glove services, mobile-first strategies and made-to-order creative that can make the small screen one of your biggest revenue drivers.

Keep Good Company

Invitation-only applies to our advertisers, too. We only work with top-tier brands focused on creating brilliant rich media and video experiences. No gimmicks to compromise your edit and aesthetic.

Tap Our Expertise

We admit it: We’re content junkies. Kargo’s raison d’etre is to support the distribution of great editorial on mobile devices and help publishers grow mobile ad revenues. That’s why our dedicated team provides you with mobile expertise and best practices across business development, marketing, product design and engineering.

Ads Infinitum

1 tag. 100 creatives. 0 fuss. Our ad tag integrates easily across your sites and enables great brands to design and deploy a huge array of ad experiences that complement your pages rather than compete with them.

Get Discovered

Our invitation-only marketplace is a who’s who of the world’s best publishers. And it’s easily accessible to the world’s best brands via SHOPS, our data-driven planning and buying window featuring customizable marketing and creative tools, as well as a variety of programmatic selling capabilities.